Easy Cheese

This is Whey Tooo Easy !!
If you can pour Vinegar into hot Milk, then you can make Easy Cheese.

Slowly heat two quarts of whole Milk to 180F. using a Candy or Meat Thermometer. Hold this temperature for ten minutes, stirring it to prevent the Milk from scorching. Then turn off the heat.

If you have no thermometer, heat it just to the boiling point, and allow it to sit covered for ten minutes. Tiny Bubbles will form at the edges just prior to boiling.

After ten minutes, drizzle two Tablespoons of Distilled White Vinegar over the hot Milk. Give it a quick stir or two to distribute the Vinegar throughout the Milk.

Within a minute or two, you should notice the Milk curdling, with the Curds sinking to the bottom and the liquid Whey on top. If no Curdling occurs, add a teaspoon of Vinegar and give it another quick stir.

Allow the Curds to form for ten minutes, then gently pour the warm mixture onto doubled Cheesecloth draped over a Colander. Use enough Cheesecloth to allow the corners to be gathered to form a Bag. Allow the curds to drain and firm up for another ten minutes.

Gather the corners of the Cheesecloth and squeeze the Bag gently to remove excess Whey.
One-quarter teaspoon of Salt sprinkled over the Curds will help remove moisture and enhance the flavor. At this stage you can spread the soft Cheese on Toast or your favorite Crackers. 

Hang the Bag over a container for two hours where the temperature is about 70F. to allow it to drain and cool to room temperature. The insert above, shows it draining into a tilted Pot so the Cheesecloth does not touch the sides or bottom.

Then refrigerate it for another two hours, before removing it from the cheesecloth and placing it in a covered container, or in your mouth.  
In the photo, the Cheese has been pressed and compressed with a Spoon to make it less crumbly. Scratching with a Fork will re-crumble it to sprinkle on foods.

Like most Foods, Easy Cheese is best eaten when it is fresh.
You may drink the resulting Whey, or use it in cooking/baking recipes.

Whey is loaded with Nutrients.
It may not taste all that great, but it tastes greater than Medicine

Nylon Veil material from a piece-goods Store may be used instead of Cheesecloth. It is less expensive, and not absorbent.

You can use 2% Milk, Skim Milk, or Powdered Milk,
but the Cheese Taste and Texture may suffer.

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