Noodles From Scratch

Mix 'em, Squeeze 'em, Cut 'em, Dry 'em, Store 'em. Make a mess !

Why would anyone go to all this trouble to make Noodles?
One taste will tell you; "None compare to Homemade Noodles".

Noodles drying on a wooden Kitchen Rack

This Noodle Machine is sold with a Hand Crank which fits in any of three holes.
But the Drive Shaft of the white Electric Power Unit makes the job much easier,
and also leaves both hands free to manipulate the Dough and resulting Noodles.
This Machine is made with three distinct parts:
#1 is a smooth adjustable Roller which stretches the Dough.

#2 Cuts Wide Noodles
#3 Cuts Narrow Noodles

Here a second pass is made, after the Dough ball had first been flattened by the palm of your Hand.

Dough is folded to further stretch the Gluten and improve the texture. Dough must be kept dusted with dry Flour every step of the way, to keep it from sticking to the Machine and everything else.

Remember that Wall Paper Paste is made from Flour, and Egg is a good Glue. These two ingredients are in Noodle Recipes, so keep everything well dusted.

Here the prepared Dough is being fed into the Smooth Rollers, to stretch it and make it uniform thinness. The hexagon Knob adjusts the thinness. Dough goes in the top and out the bottom. Several passes may be necessary to gain the desired thinness. Each pass makes the Dough longer.

The hexagon Knob has been tightened
and another pass further thins and lengthens the Dough.
If you prefer a thick "Pasta"/"Paste", now may be the time to stop.    

The Dough gets its last pass through the Machine. It has become 3 to 5 feet long,
and may be cut apart to make it more manageable.

Wide Noodles are cut from the Dough fed into Slot #2,
 which does not change the thickness.

Narrow "Soup Noodles" are cut from the Dough fed into Slot #3,
 which does not change the thickness.

A search of the Internet,
should find basic home, Noodle or Pasta Machines for less than $60.00

Noodle Dough Recipes

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