Praying Mantis

This is friend and foe of Gardeners

Clockwise from top left: a mating pair, The hardened foamy egg mass that will overwinter and release dozens of young Mantis next Summer, a Mantis capturing a black Butterfly, a Humming Bird watching a mating pair, a Mantis with its meal, a closeup of the thorny forearms designed for catching and holding prey.
The Praying Mantis is an opportunist. It doesn't care if its victim is a Butterfly, Spider, Grasshopper, Wasp, Honey Bee, or Humming Bird. Yes, they've been reported to kill Humming Birds.

If your Garden contains 40% bad bugs and 60% good bugs, chances are that the same ratio will be victims of the Mantis.

You needen't worry about your Lady Bugs becoming victims of  the Mantis;
It has not been designed to catch these small slippery Friends of the Gardener.

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