Moisture Meter


Some Meters like this one,  are dedicated to indicating soil moisture. Others may also test pH or Fertility. Some have 1 probe, some have 2. Others may have flexible wires with probes on the end. Some may require Batteries.

A moisture Meter measures the amount of moisture in the soil by measuring the resistance to electric current. Water is a great conductor of electricity; so the more water in the soil the less resistance is indicated, and the wetter is the Meter's indication.

More plants are killed by overwatering than by underwatering. Many plants will adjust their metabolism to survive in drought conditions, but few are able to cope with submerged roots that deny them of essential Oxygen.

Whether you are a Cactus grower or a grower of plants that love moisture, if you plant in Pots or Beds or Raised Beds or Gardens, an inexpensive Moisture Meter can be a very valuable aid to growing robust plants. 

The contacts of switches and other components may be adversely affected by the conditions found in Greenhouses and Gardens. We suggest that you stick to simplicity and follow the manufacturers instructions relating to cleaning and storage of these relatively delicate devices.

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