Monarch Butterflies

The life story of this fluttering Back Yard Beauty
which migrates every year to Mexico by the millions
where it covers trees like golden Autumn Leaves.

This adult is sipping the Nectar from the Flowerlet of a Butterfly Bush.
They prefer to lay eggs on the Milkweed family
which their Caterpillars consume.

Mating Monarchs
on Poke Weed )
The male is on the bottom
The female flies with him thus attached.

This winged adult is sipping Nectar, while the Caterpillar chews on the plant.
Each has been created with specific mouth parts for the particular task.

The Flowers on this Butterfly Weed are relished, rather than the leaves.
It is a member of the Milkweed family which is the favorite plant of Monarchs.
Note the bare stem on this side of the Caterpillar;
five minutes earlier, it held a blossom.

Now you see it - now you don't !
This Butterfly Weed Flower Petal is consumed within minutes.

In search of food or an escape path,
Caterpillars can easily extend more than an inch.

Five minutes in the life of a Monarch Butterfly:
The antennae  have shrunk and the head end become lifeless as the Chrysalis forms inside. The Skin separates  and splits  down the back. Violent contortions help to shrink the skin up to the tail and expel it from the miraculous new life form.

Eggs hatch in about 4 days, depending on the temperature.
The Larva then munches and lunches day and night
almost non-stop for about two weeks
when it suspends itself by a thread.
The Chrysalis takes about 10 days
to turn into a Butterfly. 

There are many members of the Milkweed family.
Most of them will attract Butterflies and Bees.

They can be planted from Seeds found online.

A  SASE may get you free Seeds

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