Monarch Butterfly Kit

This Nature Study Aid contains everything you need to raise and study
Monarch and other Butterflies, in the Class Room or Scout Den.
You only add an enjoyable Field Trip, to collect the Caterpillars and food.

You may be doing the Caterpillars a favor by isolating them
from their natural predatory Birds and Flies.

This Monarch Butterfly has begun to emerge from its magical Cloak, where it
has been transformed from a Caterpillar to a Magnificent flying Creature.
Its crystalline case has begun to crack open at the extreme right.

1 - Butterfly Net (added to Kit: Sept. 08, 2008)
1 - Butterfly Cage ( Holds 10 to 20 Butterflies )
1 - Group Emergence Pedestal ( Holds 20 Chrysalids )
10 - Personal Pedestals ( Each holds 3 Chrysalids )
50 - Clothes Pins
How to attract Caterpillars to Clothes Pins.
How to make a Caterpillar Milkweed Tree.
How to make a Butterfly Nectar Tree.
How to find Caterpillars on plants.
How to prevent Caterpillar escape.
How to recognize and deal with disease and parasites.
How to feed your Butterflies.
Keeping Records.
Interesting and educational Instructions; detailed Hints and Tips.

#45 is spinning its Silken Anchor with its Head.
#44 is attaching its Back end to the Anchor.
#43 is hanging in the typical "J" position.
#42 has become a Chrysalis.

A Personal Pedestal is made to hold 3 Clothes Pins.
10 Hardwood Pedestals are included in the Butterfly Kit.
New  models are square to allow more room for Butterfly Wings.

They may also be purchased in quantities of 10 for $9.85 postpaid, when
purchased with the Butterfly Kit. Or $19.85 + S&H  without the Butterfly Kit.

Note that the Caterpillar on the right has begun to split its skin.
In a very few minutes its transformation will be complete.

This Group Emergence Pedestal is included with the Butterfly Kit.
It will easily accommodate 20 Clothes Pins and attached Chrysalids.
It is made to fit inside the Butterfly Cage to confine emerging Butterflies.

The white Holders are removable to facilitate demonstrations and maintenance.
The two horizontal Holders will also hold Chrysalids found attached to leaves.
The Rubber Bands prevent the Holders from slipping and tilting the Chrysalids.
Additionally, the removable curved Vertical Holder can be hung up remotely.

One plastic-coated Wire-mesh Cage is included in the Kit.
It Holds 10 to 20 Butterflies and the Group Pedestal.

Contents of the Butterfly Rearing Kit

Price of one complete Butterfly Rearing Kit:
Shipping: $9.00

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