Much Better Mouse Trap Plans
Catch a lot more Mice with your Traps,
using these few simple tricks.

After destroying a Box of Cheese Crackers,
this Mouse met his fate with our Super Trap.
A Paper Towel under the Jar will catch Mouse stains.

The two major problems with Mouse Traps are:

1) - The Trap is snapped, but no Mouse !
2) - Or it's not snapped, but the Bait is gone !
Our Plans will stop both problems.

1) - Snapped Traps are often the result of the Mouse approaching the Bait Trigger from the side.
The square Quart Mason Jar puts a stop to that. The Mouse has to approach the Bait Trigger
from the front, which virtually eliminates snapped Traps with no Mouse.

2) - Stolen Bait is usually something the Mouse can lick or nibble off, like Peanut butter.
To make it much more difficult, use something tougher like cooked and dried Chicken Skin,
or a Sunflower Seed. Then pinch this bait in the Bait Trigger,
or wrap aluminum Window Screening around the Bait.

The Bait Trigger can be made more sensitive by a bit of re-designing.
This equates to a hair-trigger on a gun.
Sensitive to snapping and to setting.

The left Arrow shows the Bail Holder protruding through the Trigger.
The right Arrow shows the Bail Holder bent slightly to the left.

That allows a very minimal hold on the Trigger slot,
making it snap with very minimal disturbance.

If you have trouble with trapped Mice dragging the Trap out of the Jar,
a canning Lid Insert cut or bent in half, will put a stop to that.

Let us know how great yours works,
or share any other ideas with us.

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