Always wear Safety Glasses when working with any Tools.

This is  the unique Do-Everything-and-Anything articulated Work Station developed by to expand the usefulness of your Hobby Tool . . . exponentially !

Your Hobby Tool can be locked at any angle relative to your Workpiece,
which is clamped to the Completely Adjustable Work Table.

The Worktable can be revolved around any point on the Work Piece,
tilted, and moved Left-Right/Forward-Back by individual Table Cranks.

These designed flexibility features provide virtually unlimited possibilities for
all of those delicate, tedious, exacting jobs, which always seemed totally impossible.

Made in the USA

Always follow the Manufacturers' Safety Instructions and Warnings
which came with your Hobby Tool.

And read our Disclaimer

The Multi-Tasker holds your Hobby Tool rigidly at any angle, relative to the Workpiece.
The Workpiece is moved past the revolving Saw, Cutter, Sander, Polisher, or Router Bit.

The Multi-Tasker can produce virtually any curved, angled, or straight line or detail.

The wooden Worktable is attached to be replaceable.

The replacement can be a different size or shape,
or a Jig made to hold a uniquely-shaped Workpiece.

To find the diameter of your Hobby Tool, place it on a table, tightly between two parallel Cereal Boxes.
Measure the distance between the two boxes. This is the diameter of your Hobby Tool.

Be careful not to measure at your Hobby Tool ventilation intake or output slots,
or your Hobby Tool may overheat and be damaged.
Email this Hobby Tool measurement to us.

Each Multi-Tasker is custom made for your own Hobby Tool.
Allow 30 days for to make your Multi-Tasker.

For a limited time,
We will include this $19.85 Lathe Accessory - Free.

This Accessory will double the usefulness of the already unimaginable
multitude of details and shapes possible with the basic Multi-Tasker.

Shipped Prepaid
with basic Instructions.

Multi-Tasker with Lathe Accessory

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Be sure to read our Disclaimer

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