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Designed by GardenGrapevine.com for monitoring of Song Bird Trails.

Made in the USA - a Great gift for your Bird-watching friends !

These Bird Houses are made to accommodate Song Birds and Solitary Bees.  

Solitary Bees are extremely gentle and efficient Pollinators. They can improve the yield of your Garden, Home Orchard, or Berry Patch. Better Pollination will also increase the Seed production of Flowers, thereby increasing your Bird population.

Three of these Houses are adequate for Pollination of a Garden and Home Orchard or Berry Patch. You will benefit for many years to come.

The Nest-Vue Bird houses are made for monitoring Song Bird Trails: The nest swings out into plain view, for monitoring its contents or taking photographs; there is no need to handle soiled nests or insect pests.  Undesirable species can have their Nest removed in favor of desirable species, and this design also makes seasonal cleaning very easy.

The 1-1/2" entrance is made for Eastern Bluebirds, but it may also be used by Chickadees, Titmice, Tree Swallows, Woodpeckers, Wrens and other species.

It is made of Choice materials and the very highest standards to last for many years.
A coat of Water-based House Paint is recommended to protect it from the weather.

If you paint yours, use Latex Paint or other Water-based coating, and be careful not to get it in the area of the Bee Entrances. A piece of Masking Tape over the holes will protect them during painting.
Do NOT use wood preservatives or penetrating Stains near the Bee Tunnels.


Gorilla Glue
Brass Hinges
Floor drainage
Insect Grabber
Rain Drip edge
#1 Choice Lumber
Strong Metal Latch
Roof Reinforcement
Fledgling Escape Ladder
Top and Bottom Ventilation
Solitary Bee accommodations
Weather resistant Galvanized Screws
Roof is glued on - no holes to leak or cause rot.

This is the unobstructed view of the opened Bird House.
The nest and contents are not handled or disturbed in any way.
These five baby Bluebirds didn't even know they got their picture snapped.

This greatly magnified Solitary Bee is about the size of a honey Bee.
Whether called "Orchard Bees", "Leaf-cutting Bees", or "Mason Bees",
they are gentle Pollinators and more efficient than Honey Bees.
Every Nest-Vue Bird House will accommodate approximately 100 new baby Bees each season.

We also make Bee Houses especially for Solitary Bees.

1 Nest-Vue
Birds and Bees House
$49.75 +  $9.00 S&H

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