Bird Nesting Material Dispenser
using a Copper Soil Sifter Basket

This nesting material Dispenser leads a dual life;
It's also a very capable Soil Sifter !

We have replaced this steel Basket  with our Copper Soil Sifter,
and enlarged the roof to accommodate the longer Copper Basket.

That gives you a place to store the Copper Soil Sifter,
so it doesn't take up room in your Jewelry Box,
and you won't forget where you put it.

Just unsnap it, sift your soil to remove stones and debris,
and return it to dispense Songbird Nesting Material.
They will hardly know it was missing.

Our  unique Copper Nesting Material Dispenser attracts Birds to your back yard where you can watch them return to their nesting sites. It helps you learn the species which make a certain type of nest, how high they build it, and in what surroundings.

Some Birds will take the Materials high into a tree. Others will build close to the ground. Still others will build in Shrubs and even in Rain Gutters and Hanging Planters. 

You will surely gain more insight into the many different Nests and sites chosen by your native Song Birds, and also find more cute little Nestlings to peek in on.

Fill it with:

Hair from your Dog or Barber
Lint from your Laundromat
Cotton from your Aspirin bottle
Spanish Moss from an Oak Tree
Dried Grass from your mowed lawn

DO NOT use sparkling or colorful Christmas decorations,
which may attract predators to the Songbird nests.

Large, Heavy Duty plastic-coated hanging Hook.
Complete Instructions, 
 with Hints and Tips on usage.

"Where you get what you pay for - and a little bit more"

"Cost is not determined on the day of Purchase,
but on the day of Replacement !"

Our Lifetime Guarantee

Remember your Friends who would love to have one.

One (1) Copper Nesting Material Dispenser
Price: 1 for $39.85 . . . plus $9.00 S&H

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