Organic Gardens

Organic has come to mean anything from using no chemical fertilizers and pesticides to tilling the soil with no combustion emissions. The crops from such farming practices command higher prices, since the products are generally thought of as higher quality.

Surely, there must be something positive to be said for those foods that have not been subjected to chemical bug sprays. And since natures creatures could not survive in a bag of chemical fertilizer, we must assume that they think very highly of natures fertilizers.

This ecosystem we ( animals, birds, bugs, and fish ) all live in is a delicately balanced creation that man continues to upset by imposing his unnatural acts upon it. Destruction of forests in South America is linked to a decrease in bird populations that migrate from North america.

And surely if we pull all the fence posts where the Bluebirds nest, and spray all the bugs they eat, there will be no way for them to exist unless we teach them to nest in polystyrene cups which clog our land fills, and eat Big Macs with flies.

Runoff from logging operations is thought to adversely affect the spawning migration of certain fish species. DDT has proven beyond a doubt the price we must pay for careless unnatural controls. Only generations of human and other offspring will give accurate testimony to the safety or undreamed consequences of mans disregard for his environment.

So it seems reasonable to assume that organic growing of crops must be a step in the right direction. And if we can become completely independent of chemicals while maintaining sufficient production levels, surely there will be no consequences to suffer in subsequent generations.

So after you have tilled the soil with a horse or a Billy Goat, and picked off the big bugs and squished them between your fingers, and applied an insecticide composed of dishwashing detergent and xx to kill the little bugs, then you will have earned that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment knowing that you have done your part to help maintain the natural balance.

And at the same time you can feel confident that you are eating healthful foods while the rest of us sit here and eat this other stuff. Now that I think about it; bugs ARE high in protein!