Our Soil Sifters

We sell three Soil Sifters, and PLANS for a fourth.
One will surely fill your needs.

The item you receive may not look exactly like the Photograph below,
as we constantly strive to improve the quality and utility of our products.

This Hardwood Soil Sifter
is for serious Gardeners.
Perfect in a Greenhouse,
Repotting of many plants,
Preparing a Flower Bed,
Or hanging on your Kitchen
wall as a Spice Rack.
Includes 2 Mesh Inserts
Mesh: 1, 1/2, and 1/4 inch.
Capacity: about 10 Quarts.

This Copper Soil Sifter
is rugged enough to use in
Flower Beds and may be
left outdoors.
Copper Mesh: 3/4 inch
Capacity: about 4 Quarts.

This is the same Copper Soil Sifter shown above. But it doubles as a Bird Nesting Material Dispenser, when not sifting soil.

The hardwood roof makes a great storage place so you won't forget where you put the sifter. It adds a third dimension to Bird Watching as Baths and Feeders do.
This Soil Sifter combination is adequate for the sifting of Potting Soil for House Plants.
Mesh: 3/8 inch
Capacity: about 4 Quarts.

This Power Sifter is recycled
from a Riding mower
and a Water Tank.
It is driven by the Riding
Mower Engine, or
a Tractor PTO.
Capacity: 1 Bushel

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