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Peek-a-Boo Bird House

This unique Bird House is made to mount on your Window Sill,
where you can watch the Nestlings and Parent birds from inside your room.

A clear plastic panel allows viewing Nestlings and Parents.

The entrance hole is 1 1/2" which attracts Bluebirds,
Titmice, Chickadees, Wrens, and Tree Swallows.
Perch is shown only to indicate entrance.

Clear Viewing Panel
lets you view Nestlings from inside your window.
Temporary Blind
Is removed after the eggs hatch.
Swing-out Front
for removing old nests.

Brass Hinges
on swing-out front panel.
Mounting Hardware
to fasten the bird house to your window sill.
1-1/2" Entrance Hole
attracts many Songbirds.

Solitary Bee Tunnels
provides homes for these gentle pollinators.
Ceiling Insect Grabber
traps insects that prey on Nestlings.
Nestling Ladder
helps Nestlings leave the nest.
Especially weak Tree Swallows.

Complete Instructions
to mount and maintain this unique bird house.


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Peek-a-Boo Bird House
$48.85 + 8.85 S & H

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