Forever Plant Labels


Make plant and tree labels from scraps of Vinyl House Siding. It is super durable outdoors, and your local builder will gladly give you more than you can use.


This is the preferred white Vinyl Siding, it is twelve inches wide, composed of two, six-inch "panels". You can also use plastic containers for labels, but their longevity in the sunshine is questionable at best.

First the nailing edge is removed to make it easier to work with the vinyl panels. Then the center rib is cut out to make plant Stakes, or (optional) Flags which include more of the panel. These pointed ribs are strong enough to pound into the garden soil.

That leaves you with the major portion of the panels, which can be cut into tags and labels as shown. A strong Garden Scissors or Tin Shears will cut them to your favorite size. A strong Paper Punch will make the holes; so will a nail or drill. Write with a black Waterproof Marker or Pencil.

A scrap piece of #12 or #14 copper wire from your friendly Electrician will last as long as the label will. A simple twist of the wire will keep the nearly-indestructable label attached to trees and shrubs in the worst of winds. But don't forget about the wire; or it may grow into the tree.

Vinyl CutWorm Collars
Can be made from strips about a foot long and 3" wide. Cut an "arrowhead" on one end as shown and a "cross" on the other end. Push the arrowhead through the cross from the outside of the circle, so it ends  up on the inside.

Of course, you can also cut off the top and bottom of a round plastic container and use the mid-section for a collar or two.