Plant Tent

A Tent for your Plants will help confine humidity and temperature. A Plant Tent can be as simple as a sheet of Painter's Plastic Film draped over a table or wheeled cart, or as elaborate as a greenhouse wall of shelves isolated by a curtain of plastic.  The confined heat from Grow Lamps inside the tent may be enough to promote germination and satisfy plants that love heat. It can be outdoors if it's protected from the wind.

The plastic material may be clear, opaque, or black; depending on its intended purpose. Black plastic will exclude light for those seeds which germinate best in total darkness, or plants which require a certain number of hours of daylight and/or darkness to bloom or set fruit and seeds. This plastic is sold in many Garden Centers for use as weed-stopping mulch, or to warm springtime soil.

Clear or opaque plastic can be as inexpensive as a sheet of Painter's plastic film, but a more suitable and rugged tent can be made from the plastic sheets used to prevent winter drafts around windows. This plastic is secured by double-faced sticky tape or special Grippers which incorporate sticky tape to hold them to clean smooth surfaces. 

These Gripper Strips have a groove which allows a second strip (Red arrow above) to snap in and bind the plastic film securely in place. This plastic film is usually very clear and resistant to the damaging effects of sunlight. The beauty of this semi-permanent setup is that the plastic is secure and can be repositioned or replaced very easily.

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