Planter Boxes

These planter boxes are made from pressure treated 1X6 fence boards.  A
36 inch planter box can be built from two 6 ft boards which cost about
$2.50 each.  A visit to the local garden center convinced me to build
them when I spotted a 36 inch cedar planter box built from the same
pattern for $24.50.  I built the 9 feet of box you see here for about
$12.50, versus spending $73.50 for three 36 inch cedar boxes.

I use plastic planters as liners inside the boxes for two reasons:
The first reason is so I can plant the plastic planters indoors and have
semi mature plants that are almost ready to bloom while everyone else in
the neighborhood is still waiting for the nursery to receive their
shipments.  This saves me from the need to transplant from plant cells
and my plants don't have the transplant shock.  Also, I have the ability
to switch my plants around in the various planter boxes buy just lifting
the plastic planter out and putting another one in.

The second reason is to keep the dirt away from direct contact with the
lumber so it will extend the life of the wood box.  I have holes drilled in the bottom of the wooden planter boxes so when the plastic planters drain, the water just drains out the bottom of the box.