Christian Poems by Nevin Hawlman - Christian Poetry by Nevin Hawlman

Poems . . . by Nevin Hawlman

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"A talk with God"
Listen softly . . .
"I'd believe in Evolution, If . . . "
A humorous vision of an evolved being.
"Tix of Clox"
Grains of Eternal time.
"If you were more like my old Cat"
No Misunderstandings.
"Don't forget to Flush it"
Impression made by Mothers.
"Who so ever"
A Biblical promise.

"Mooo Burger"
Vegetarian Verse.

"I thank You"
A Note of Gratitude.
A Halloween Poem.
"The Theory"
How we got here by chance.
"Good Old Days"
Comparison of modern and earlier life in the USA

A view from the plants perspective.
"Time Flies"
Why time flies with age.
"Fat Food"
Calories, Salt, artificial ingredients, Preservatives.
"Mouth License"
For people who "Run off at the mouth".
"Evolution half finished"
A look at imperfect us.
"Apple Maker"
Source of Good apples.
"Towns Barber Shop"
Look in on a masculine gossip center.
"Welcome to my Garden"
A Paradisaical place.
"Pennsylvania Dutch we are"
A look at Pennsylvania Dutch from the inside.
"Winters Jewels"
The miracle of Flakes of Snow.
"Lost Penny"
The imaginary life of a lost Penny.
"The day after Christmas"
A look at Santas' domain.
"OH, Credit Tree"
A glimpse at Christmas Credit Cards.
"Lonely little Pumpkin"
An Autumn remembrance.
"Smiles and Tears"
Reserved for Humanity.
"I fly a Plane"
A night time Flight.
"Little Words"
Vocabulary Search.
"Hello Autumn"
An Autumn remembrance.

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