Power Soil Sifter Plans
Made from a recycled Riding Mower
and domestic Water Tank.


Stony Soil is shoveled into the open end where debris falls back out,
as Soil filters out the holes spiraled around the revolving Water Tank.
It easily produces many, many Bushels of Sifted Soil.

It can be mounted on a Tractor 3-point Hitch, and driven by the PTO,
or by the recycled Mowers' Engine/Transmission.

A good -running mower with a bad Deck is perfect for this project.
Available at Mower Repair Shops and Scrap Yards at Scrap prices.
A Plumber may be glad to part with a rusty Water Tank for free.

This is such a good gardening accessory, that lacking a Welder,
you may want to have a Welding Shop fabricate it for you.

Power Sifter Plans

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