Praying Mantis Eggs
Shipped Postpaid

Praying Mantis might be called "Preying" Mantis for its diligent pursuit of flying and crawling garden pests.
It has long been known as the Gardeners' Friend for its insatiable insect appetite.

We ship Egg Cases (ootheca/oothecae) collected by children in Pennsylvania Amish Country.
These Cases normally contain over 100 Eggs which will hatch into miniature copies of  the parents,
and immediately begin searching for miniature garden pests.

Detailed Instructions on how to hatch them indoors, away from potential egg predation.
Includes Hangers, in case you'd rather not monitor indoor hatching progress.

Includes a useful free gift

Three Praying Mantis Egg Cases

containing hundreds of Eggs.
$18.85  Free shipping.

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