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Leaf/ debris picker upper:
Made by a company called "Step 2"; like a giant Clamshell operated by two "D-handles" picks up LOTS of leaves and dumps them in your wheelbarrow. No more fumbling with the lawn rake that drops debris in your boots. You'll love it in the prickly Rose Garden and wherever your dog goes.

Hand Cleaner:
For those hard-to-clean hands, GOOP creme gets a lot of votes. Put a dab on your dry hands. Massage it in like hand lotion. Wipe it off with a dry rag. Repeat if necessary. It works!

Whitewall cleaner:
If you have Whitewalls on your Wheelbarrow (or car) the best and easiest product I've used is Wesley's Bleache-white. Spray it on your dry tire,
wait 1 minute, scrub it off with a wet brush; Quick and Easy, and GREAT !

Hand Lotion:
For gardening hands that get dry and chapped, nothing beats Bag Balm that Dairy Farmers use on their Milk Cows. It is filled with ingredients like Lanolin, Aloe and Glycerine, and it works on dry, chapped hands.

Tiny Tillers:
Use them with Ear and Eye Protection. Wear cushioned gloves, and watch your feet ! And buy Muscle Liniment ! These 20 pound twirlers are great for sand and tight places, but if you weigh 90 pounds and have stones in average garden soil, plan to get thrown around.

Expect small stones to jam the Tines, requiring lots of effort to dislodge them! Those advertised on TV for $300.++ are no better than other brand names sold at Garden Centers for $199. or less.
You pay dearly for the TV advertising.

Adjustable Lawn Rake:
This Gem is as much a garden Stone Rake and Cultivator as a leaf tamer. Not made with wimpy flat corset stays; but tough steel wires. The adjuster that slides up and down the handle, locks in position to bring the fingers closer together and makes the rake MUCH stronger to cultivate or de-leaf tight places.
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