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We use NO Ramin wood from the endangered Rain Forest or elsewhere. Neither do we resell Wood Products produced abroad. ALL of our Wood Products are made in Pennsylvania from kiln-dried Native Wood. 

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An e-mail from a potential Customer:
asking how competitors can sell Wooden Garden Products cheaper than GardenGrapevine.com does.

It prompted us to get a cheap "Bluebird House" 
for comparison. This is what we discovered:
"You get what you pay for . . . maybe less"

We welcome and encourage product comparison.

The Bird house on the left is indicative of the Quality found in all Wooden Garden Products made and sold by GardenGrapevine.com

* The competing "Bluebird House" on the right has a meager
3-3/4 x 3-7/8 Floor  (Maybe they have skinny Blue Birds).

* The Floor corner ventilation holes are not cut at a compound
angle (to help evict predatory Larvae).

* The boards have knots which would be rejects at out shop.

* The Roof and Back are glued up from 5 or more waste strips.
(with indoor glue, we assume)

* The small Roof does not cover all 4 sides which invites rain.

* The Screws are 1-1/2" indoor type.
(not the 2" Galvanized ones we use)

* The door hinges are exposed nails which will rust.
(Our Hinges are made of Brass and Concealed)

* The door sticks and is hard to open;
Ours have steel Spacers, creating a Super-Smooth door.

* The door is held shut by a nail in a drilled hole inviting rust and 
rot. (We use an Outdoor Vinyl Latch)

* Theirs weighed a mere 3 Pounds, 14 ounces.
(Ours weighed 6 Pounds, 12 ounces)

* There is no sanding of any sharp or splintery edges.

* They do not treat their Bird Houses with a clear Sealer and 
Weather-proofer, ready for you to paint your favorite color.

* They do not have a Lifetime Guarantee.

* There is no information included on how to best hang it and care 
for it and its occupants.

"Price is not determined on the day of purchase;
but on the day of replacement."

GardenGrapevine.com Wooden Garden Products:
"Where you get what you pay for - and a little bit more"

~ Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish country.
~ Made of Select native wood.
~ Kiln dried
~ Smooth machine-sanded
~ Wooden outdoor parts are joined with Galvanized Screws
and waterproof Gorilla Glue
~ Attractive Drip Edge detail
~ Edges are hand sanded
~ Pre-finished with clear Sealer, ready for paint if you desire.
~ Designed and built as good as we can imagine.
~ Complete Instructions, with valuable hints and tips.

Our Lifetime Guarantee

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