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We just moved into a new area, I would like to know what zone I'am in for
planting flowers in Burlington, NJ 08036
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According to the information that I have the USDA zone for your location is Zone 6B.  When
planting don't forget many other factors come into play in addition to the coldest average
temperature.  For example wind, sun and heat can also play a factor in what may grow well in
your area.

Observe and talk to local established gardeners in your area to see what they are growing.
Since you are new to your area you might also want to contact the local cooperative
extension office in your area.  Attached you should see a link to a website that should give
you some info on the Burlington County extension office.  Usually the Extension Office will
have a printed list of the different, flowers, trees, and vegetables that are known to grow
well in your area.  In addition they can advise you of any insects or diseases that may
impact your planting that you would not know about being new to the area.

If I can help you with anything else just let me know.


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