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Rain Barrel Siphon Valve

A Siphon Valve designed especially for 55 Gallon Barrels.
Self-priming. Prevents loss of prime when draining or changing Barrels.

If you use a siphon to get water from a Rain Barrel, you avoid the cracks and leaks caused by drilling a Faucet into the side of the Barrel, but you get the frustration of trying to remove air from your Siphon.

Our Siphon Valve will remedy that. It's self-priming. Ready to glue onto the end of your 3/4" faucet assembly.  And it's sold nowhere else - except right here. The more you buy, the cheaper they are. See chart below

Nothing to wear out.

Standard  3/4" PVC.

No rubber parts to go bad.

No metal parts to rust or corrode.

Complete detailed Instructions included.

1 Rain Barrel Siphon Valve

$19.85 +  $3.85 S&H

1 - $19.85
2 - 16.87 each
3 - 15.88 each
4 - 14.89 each
5 - 13.90 each
  6 - 12.90 each
  7 - 11.91 each
  8 - 10.92 each
  9 - 9.93 each
10+ 8.93 each
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