Robin Nestlings

This is a 16-day photographic tour in the life of 4 Robin Nestlings.
Most Songbirds Nestlings follow a similar Flight Plan.
An early First Nest may allow for 1 or 2 more.

The Mother Robin patiently sits on her nest for about 2 weeks, leaving the nest only to eat and bathe. Muscles separate her belly feathers so her skin comes into contact with the egg shells, conducting her body heat to the eggs. During this time she also rotates  them.

During these 2 weeks, the Male Bird may bring food to the incubating Female, or sit nearby singing his "All is well" song, which becomes a warning alert at the first sign of a cat or other potential danger. Later, he shares the duty of feeding the Nestlings.

On Day 1 above, the first two chicks hatch, bare, blind and helpless. Note how large and developed their eyes are upon hatching. Already their tiny brains know to open their mouths and accept food from the chirping parents. By Day 6 feather development is evident.

By Day 9 the 4 nestlings are about half grown and their eyes are open. By Day 12 they have become very alert and aware of their surroundings. By this time they overflow the nest. By Day 14 they are the result of phenominal growth, and very capable of flight.

By Day 16 the nest is usually empty. Often the parents will sit nearby with food to entice the grown Nestlings to leave the nest. The Nestlings can be seen following their parents in lawns searching for the luckless Worm, grub, or larvae that got too near the surface.

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Many Bird Nests are sturdily constructed, but very seldom used again by the builders. If you take them indoors to enhance Flower arrangements or potted plants, be aware that they may harbor lice or other insects.

Put them into a plastic bag and spray them with insecticide. Seal the bag for 24 hours to maximize the effectiveness of the Insecticide. Dispose of the plastic bag according to the instructions on the Insecticide container.

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