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Robin Nest Shelter

This unique Shelter was designed by Garden Grapevine for Robin nests.
But it will also attract Cardinals, Phoebes("Pee-wee"),
Cat Birds, Mocking birds and Doves.

Made of Clear #1 Pennsylvania kiln-dried lumber.

If you ever found a Robin Nest, Eggs, or Nestlings under a Tree after a storm,
then you know the value of this Nest Shelter to protect the nest from storms,
or prolonged rains which can cause sick Nestlings in unprotected nests.

This Mama Robin has chosen a Shelter in a GardenGrapevine.com Grape Arbor

Galvanized Screws
Hand sanded and Glued
Side Rails stabilize the nest

Treated with water repellent

Measures 10 inches high and 11 inches long
Hand-crafted in  Pennsylvania Amish Country

Mounting holes for fastening to building, post, or tree.
Solitary Bee Tunnels

Available only from GardenGrapevine.com

Robin Nest Shelter
$24.85 + 17.85 S & H

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