Poor Man's Fountain

Requires no Electricity, Plumbing, or Batteries.

This Drip Fountain is very attractive to Song birds and is made from a natural concave rock. The "drip" comes from a length of 1/4" plastic tubing inserted in a plastic jug hanging above the rock, and controlled by the  tiny greenhouse valve seen at the top of the photograph. The Marigolds think it's cool.  

The drip is positioned by a piece of Wire bent around the Tree. Black is least noticeable, but white was used here for photographing contrast. The gallon jug needs to be refilled every morning.
Here two fountains are set up with six Gold Finch customers. A beauty of this system is that it requires no electricity or plumbing,which makes it perfect for an isolated cabin or other hideaway.

This natural Boulder is bigger than it appears. It weighs about 1,100 pounds and needed a Tractor to move it here. Its sheltered woodland location is preferred by reclusive Birds which are hesitant to visit less sheltered Bird Baths.

If you're a Super Cheapskate,
you can just punch a hole in the jug with a nail to create a drip.

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