Organic Rose Mildew Fungicide

To make a spray for Rose mildew, mix together thoroughly:
  • 1 teaspoon of Baking Soda
  • 2-1/2 teaspoons of Vegetable Oil
  • 1 Gallon of water
  • Put 2 quarts of water in a bucket, preferably one with a pouring "V".
    Add the Baking Soda and Vegetable oil and mix it thoroughly.
    If you have trouble getting the Baking Soda to mix,
    put it in a cup with enough water to make a paste,
    then add it to the bucket and wash the cup in the bucket.

    After it is thoroughly mixed, pour it into a gallon milk jug through a funnel that has a cloth draped over it to strain out any particles that may clog your sprayer. Put a tigh-fitting cap on the jug and shake it vigorously to make sure it is mixed adequately. It is a good idea to strain ANY spray before putting it into a sprayer.

    Fill the jug with water, mix it again, and put it in your sprayer. If it is not used immediately, be sure to shake the jug well just prior to using it, as the lighter Vegetable Oil will rise to the surface of the water, and the Baking Soda may settle to the bottom.

    Spray your roses when they are dry so the mixture penetrates the leaf pores. Spray all leaf surfaces until they are dripping wet. Pay special attention to the undersides as this protected area is where the Mildew may be most persistant.

    Repeat this application every three days until the Mildew is gone. The mixture may be stored for later use. Just remember to shake the jug vigorously just prior to each use and keep it agitated in the sprayer.