Seed Storage

After you have gathered and cleaned your Seeds, you will need to consider storing them until you sow them. Experience has shown that an air-tight container in a cool dark place is adequate. The conditions that make Seeds sprout are warmth and moisture, so it is important that they be kept cool and dry unless you want a jar full of Bean Sprouts.

You can store Seeds in Mason jars with tight lids, or plastic Freezer Boxes or just about anything that will keep out moisture. It is important to store Seeds that were dry before you put them in containers. A Dehydrator or Oven that is set at its lowest temperature will dry them. Or you can set them in a sunny window for a few days.

I like to put mine in a Zippered Sandwich Bag which takes up very little additional space and can be indexed like file cards. They fit rather nicely in a plastic Shoe Box with a snap-on lid, which gives a second layer of moisture-proofing. But most of all, I can squeeze out the moisture-laden air. Try that with a glass jar.   : )

Be sure to put the Label with the name and date in each container along with a bag of Silica Gel, which can be purchased from Craft Stores or Mailing Stores. It is used to dry flowers and keep delicate items dry during shipment.

If the Seeds are from a unique or odd Flower or Plant, then a Photograph of the donor, Labeled with the same unique Seed Label name, will help identify the Seeds in the future. 

SilicaGel can be reused
by putting it in a Dehydrator or Oven
which will dry out any moisture it has absorbed.

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