Soil Sifters

Sooner or later you will want to remove stones or debris from your Soil. For one or two Flower Pots, you can spread the Soil out on a Newspaper and do it by hand. 

But for a Flower Bed or Vegetable Garden you may want heavier equipment. The following photos show some possible choices. 

This hand-made Hardwood Sifter is 1 of 3 available from our Garden Store
It uses 1-inch mesh screening.  The two Hardware-cloth inserts
(1/2", 1/4") can be laid in the bottom to produce even finer soils.

Granular Fertilizers, Perlite, Vermiculite, Compost and Sawdust  can be added prior to sifting, which will thoroughly blend them into the finished product.

 It's perfect for filling Flower Pots and sifting Flower Beds,
and its 1/4" mesh Screen produces a fine Seed-starting Mix.

Our Lifetime Guarantee makes it a perfect gift
for your Gardening Friends.

For sifting soil in Flower Beds or Vegetable Gardens, you may want a larger system. 
An old Freezer Basket in a Wheelbarrow works great for this.

If you have an old Riding Mower and Water Tank lying around,
you may want to build this Power Sifter
from Plans.

It's such a great labor-saver, that you may even want to buy
the Mower and Tank 
from a Scrap Yard at scrap prices,
and have a Machine shop build it for  you.

If you have a Really serious job, this Commercial Sifter may be the answer. A Truck dumps soil in the Hopper(1), siftings come out Conveyor(2) onto another Truck, and debris is discarded at (3).

Sifting presents a great opportunity for adding soil Amendment. Put 1 part Amendment to 3 parts of soil in your sifter and they will be mixed in the sifting process. Use whatever actual ratio and type of Amendments your specific soil requires.

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