Soil Sifter Jr.

Make your own Potting Soil
and Seed-sprouting Mix

This 2-piece Soil Sifter produces Potting soil and Seed-sprouting Mix
of the same quality as our Heavy duty Models.
Made of plastic-coated Wire mesh
it is meant for more casual usage.

It holds about four quarts,
and may differ slightly from this photo.
A Pair of Gardening Gloves is included with this Sifter Combo.

If you prefer a Heavy Duty Sifter with 2 screen Inserts, Click HERE

Soil Sifter Jr.
Price: $19.85 + $14.85 S & H
$34.70 Total

Soil Sifters are great for adding Amendments
to Potting Soil and Seed-Sprouting Mix

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