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Solitary Bee Houses
Dwindling Honey Bee colonies are increasing the importance of wild Solitary Bees which are very efficient Garden Pollinators, and which are NOT inclined to sting.


Our Solitary Bee Houses are made in two styles. 
One has straight sides, a protective overhanging Roof, and sturdy Hanging Hook. It contains about 60 Tunnels.
We also sell it with Bee Eggs at a great discount.

The other is made to be placed in an area protected from the weather. It is made of stacked units that can spiral downward, which are thought by some Gardeners to be more efficient due to the ease of a returning Bee in locating its particular home. It contains about 80 Tunnels.

The best time to hang them is early spring. There will be more time to raise more Bees to do more Pollinating.

If you have ever watched a Honey Bee (above-left) or Bumble Bee(right), you probably noticed that they spend a lot of time flying around, relative to the time they spend actually collecting Pollen and Nectar. If you study Solitary Bees, you will find them to be much more efficient. 

Solitary Bees are not social like Bees and Wasps where individuals contribute to building Nests and tending Brood. Neither are they as aggressive and inclined to sting. Each Solitary Mother prepares a nest and tends her own Larvae.

Since the wild Honey Bees have been declining due to disease and predation, their actual value as Nature's Pollinators has diminished markedly. Unless you have a HoneyBee Hive nearby, you may want to attract the more efficient Solitary Bees to your Garden to improve your Pollination and subsequent harvest.

Unlike Honey Bees, Solitary Bees do not require any supervision, feeding, or medication from a Beekeeper. All they need is a protected Cell to raise their young, and that's what a Solitary Bee House provides. 


The large photo above shows a Solitary Bee returning home laden with yellow Pollen. 

Left above; a Male Solitary Bee rests on foliage waiting for a receptive Female to wander by.

Center; a Female backs into a Cell to deposit Eggs.

Right; having filled a Cell with eggs and food, she seals the entrance with bits of leaves and mud; then goes on to find another hole and prepare more Cells to raise more Pollinators.

If your Solitary Bee House does not attract Bees that look exactly like those above, don't worry; there are many species.

Hand-crafted in Pennsylvania's Amish country

Select Native Woods

Heavy Duty Steel Hanging Hook (plastic-coated)

Attractive Drip Edge detail 

Kiln dried 

 Complete Detailed Instructions,
with hints and tips on attracting Solitary Bees.

These are the finest Wooden Garden Products
that we know how to make.

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Our BeeHouse Deluxe includes Solitary Bees.

Or order Solitary Bees separately.

We have added a smaller Bee House HERE.

One (1) Solitary Bee House
Price: $38.85 . . . plus $10.85 S&H

When you place an order, we will contact you by e-mail 
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