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Observation Hive

Observation Tunnels for Solitary Bees.
Students and Scouts can watch Pollen being stored, Eggs laid,
Larvae hatching and maturing through the clear plastic window.

Our Solitary Bee Hive lets you watch every activity
from the storage of Pollen to the matured adults taking their first flight.

This shows a Tunnel with a Cell for each Egg and the abundance
of Pollen collected, representing thousands of Blossoms pollinated.

Consider that a Solitary Bee spends less than 10 seconds at each Blossom, which equates to 6 Blossoms a minute, or 360 Blossoms an hour, or 3,600 Blossoms in a 10-hour day. 

There is no work or medication required, as in Honey Bees. But you may find yourself watching their enjoyable activities. And wonder how a secluded Larvae develops the essential species-propagating abilities which we call "instinct" and contained in a brain the size of a grain of sugar.

Eat the food left by Mother
Chew its way out of the Cell.
Walk or fly

Forage for unfamiliar food and liquid
Select a Home site
Collect Pollen

Know where Home is
Bring Pollen home
Know when there is enough Pollen

Back into the Cell and
Deposit one FEMALE Egg
Seal the Cell

Repeat the process
Deposit MALE Eggs last
Chew pieces from Leaves,

Or find damp Soil
And roll it into a ball
Find the way home with it

Seal the Tunnel with  Soil or Leaves
Decide if more is needed
Get more if necessary

Find a new Home
Repeat the whole process

Our Observation Hive has a clear plastic window held with one screw, for easy removal and cleaning after the Bees emerge. Then hang it outdoors to attract a new generation of gentle, efficient Pollinators. The wooden cover prevents excess light from bothering the residents.

Complete detailed Instructions.

More than 100 Solitary Bee Larvae in Tunnels
$34.85 + $4.85 S & H

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