Automatic Squirrel Feeder
This Squirrel Feeder holds one ear of corn.
The cob is automatically ejected when it is emptied of kernels.
And no squirrel is smart enough to make off with the ear before it's emptied.

The way it works is that the creatures tend to remove kernels from the top of the cob. This allows the cage to slide down over the bare cob to the next kernels. When the cage is allowed to slide to the bottom of the cob, the cob will fall out of the cage,reminding you to add a fresh ear.

To make a free-standing one like mine, do one of two things:
( 1 ) - Pound a stake into the ground that you can
          place a 1-1/2" X 3' or 4' plastic or metal pipe over. (I used steel)
( 2 ) - Dig or pound a 5' or 6' pipe 18" into the ground.
The top of the pipe must be closed to keep the cob from falling into it.

Then take a piece of 1" X 2" or 2" X 2" mesh wire about 18" X 7" and cut one long side so it has wires sticking out to be used to wrap around the opposite side and form a cylindrical cage 18" long X about 3" diameter.

The bottom of this cage will be left open to slide down over the pipe. The top will be bent shut just enough to allow a bare cob to pass through it, but prevent an ear with kernels from passing through. This is the secret of its operation.

Put an ear of corn in the cage, pointed end up. Then slide the cage down over the pipe. As the kernels are removed, the cob will continue to move out the top as the cage makes its descent aided by gravity. You may be lucky enough to ses a squirrel scamper away burdened by a cob with a few kernels still attached.

If you put this feeder in your back yard,
it may help to keep the Squirrels away from your Bird Feeders.