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Black Walnut Squirrel Feeder

This Welded Steel Wire Feeder prevents Squirrels
from removing and hoarding Black Walnuts and Ear Corn.

Squirrels are about the most cunning  critters afoot.
They love to stash Black Walnuts in their winter pantry.
But they are frustrated and stymied by our theft-proof Feeder.

It can be hung from a Tree, or fastened to a Post.

All Metal construction: No Wood or Plastics.
2 pounds of Natural Organic Black Walnuts.
Capacity: about 10 pounds.
Hinged Filling Door.
Six Feeding Slots.
Hanging Loop.

All steel Squirrel Feeder
With 2 pounds of our Natural Organic Black Walnuts
$29.85 + $11.85 Shipping & Handling

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