DIY Suet Feeders

This quart milk jug has had an opening cut in 1 side opposite the handle. A 3-inch top flap becomes a roof, and a 1-inch bottom flap was bent inside to make a less-sharp perch. Note the thick shrubbery for escape from Hawks.

A Paper Punch makes a round hole at the ends of the cuts to prevent the cuts from traveling or enlarging. Several holes on the perch make it easy to bend inside. Holes in the bottom allow rain to drain out.

Hang it in a shrub or tree by the handle, attached to a piece of string or wire. If it is exposed to sunshine, it may only last for one season. If you position it out of the Sun's damaging rays, it may last for several years.

A Gallon sized jug can also be cut in the same manner to make a larger Bird Feeder for Seeds, Fruit, Nuts, Corn Meal, or Cereals. In that case, "Roof" two opposite sides to allow better access for more visitors.

A 14" piece of 4" diameter Tree Limb, drilled with 1" holes, and topped with a simple roof, makes a great Suet Feeder. The rough bark makes a good perch for bird feet, and delights the family of small Woodpeckers. 
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A plastic mesh Citrus Bag makes a great feeder
for many larger foods including Whole Grain Bread and Suet.

Hang your Suet Feeders in an area which you can see from your favorite Window or Chair. A protected Southern area with thick Shrubs is best to allow escape from Hawks.

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