Suet Feeder

This Natural Suet Feeder is sure to be a big hit with your Songbirds.

Made in Pennsylvania Amish Country of Natural Native woods. It has 1-inch holes randomly drilled on the sides and even one in the bottom for the comical and acrobatic "Upside-down-Birds".

It's about 12" high and protected by a roof that overhangs the holes on all sides. It weighs about 5 pounds, has a Heavy Duty  Steel Hook that can hold 50 pounds, and is built to last for years.

You can make your own Suet, or buy commercial Cakes to refill this Suet Feeder. 

Complete with Suet and Instructions.

Price: 1 for $32.25 . . . plus $9.00 shipping


Questions? . . . E-mail us . . . 


Hang your feeders near thick shrubs or trees
so the Songbirds can escape Hawks. A thin outer limb 
may deter 'Possums and other climbing critters that love Beef Suet.


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