Nothing ever gave me the bountiful Vegetable or Flower Garden harvest that I have experienced since I started fertilizing with Rabbit Manure. Nine foot Hollyhocks and seven foot Cleome are the rule of the day. It also makes a great Manure Tea.

This is ONE Cleome "Tree" grown in Super Soil
A ratio of 1 part Rabbit manure to 8 parts garden soil seems about right for my average soil. You may want to add Sand or Sawdust to change the texture. Two inches of this Super Soil spread on your garden will surely show surprising results.

To mix small amounts of Super Soil you can use a wheelbarrow and shovel or hoe. I often use this Cement Mixer with the heavy Roller (shown on the ground) which pulverizes clods and hardpan. It will also turn Drywall into lime in a hurry. For a garden, it is best to spread the rabbit manure and rototill it in.