Manure Tea Distillery

Mass produce this organic Liquid Plant Fertilizer

This photo shows 2 of the pickup truck Bed Liners where I keep soil amendments. I have sawdust and shavings in the one on the right and rabbit manure ("Rabbit Grow"/ "Garden Gold") on the left.
The 25 gallon container buried in the foreground gets runoff from the rabbit manure when it rains. The container is kept covered at all times. A lip on the liner overhangs the container, and a piece of rope acts as a wick to direct the runoff into the container. The Bed Liner must slope toward the container.
When I have enough, I cover the liner with a tarp. Other manures could be used, but I have never used any commercial or natural fertilizer that is half as good as rabbit manure. Plus it emits very little "Country Fragrance".

This is concentrated stuff. A ratio of 1 part, mixed with 16 parts of water will keep your plants growing happily (1 cup per Gallon of water) . Apply a quart to each outdoor plant once a week. Use less for indoor plants.

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