Tent Caterpillar Nest Removal
Removing these unsightly nests from Shrubs and Trees; A simple 5- minute job.
We assume this same procedure will work on Web Worm nests.

STEP #1- Insert a thin stick completely through the nest, underneath the mass of  Caterpillars.
If you look closely, you can see vertical rows of Caterpillars directly above the stick.
They "stack" like this in early Spring to keep warm.
At night they come out to dine on leaves.

STEP #2- Move the stick in a circle to enlarge the hole slightly as shown.

STEP #3- Rotate the stick like a Drill Bit.
The silken threads will grab hold of the stick and pull the Caterpillars with them.

This is the ball of Caterpillars wound onto the stick,
ready to be smashed with your shoe, or dunked in a can with 1/4" of Kerosene or Diesel Fuel.

This is the same view with nearly all of the silken tent wound onto the stick.
A lone Caterpillar hangs onto the limb, wondering where everyone went.
It may take 2 or 3 windings at different areas to get this result.

Use a stick long enough to keep you from under the nest.
A lot of droppings may fall out in the process.
Some Caterpillars will also be smashed - Yukk !

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