Tiki Torch Rebuild

Remembering that last year my neighbor across the street tried to
refill his torches after a few too many beers I set out to build a
revised Tiki torch base.

His little torch experience was a hoot
though. When he lit them back up they started out burning like normal
and a minute or so later the entire torch was on fire bamboo and all.
They had a bunch of people over for a big BBQ, and it was a real
interesting show.  I was sitting on my porch cracking up at these
things catching on fire and then falling over spilling the fuel and
lighting his yard on fire and everyone running around trying to stomp
on the fire and put it out with a water hose.  Gee, it almost turned
into a wet-T-shirt contest.  He said after that little incident he
didn't have any insects around his house for days!!

So I took a torch fuel canister and dropped it in a 3" piece of ABS and
it fit perfect.  I measured the canister, added about 2 to the
measurement, and whacked a piece of the ABS off with the miter saw.
Next, I took a 10' piece of 3/4" galvanized metal conduit and cut it in
half at a 45 degree angle.  The angle edge is for sticking it in the
ground.  I took the 5' piece of conduit, stuck it in the bottom of the
ABS up about 2, drilled two screw holes in both the ABS and the
conduit, and screwed it together.  On the commercial Tiki Torches, the
support post is in the middle but I screwed mine to the inside bottom
of the ABS.  If any fuel over flows out of the canister, it will just
drop out of the bottom of the ABS pipe because it's all open.  Since
the little china hat top of the fuel canister is larger than the 3" ABS
it just sits in the ABS and any excess fuel drips off the china hat
never touching the ABS.

Therefore, what I ended up with is a very sturdy torch base that is
safe and much more fireproof that will last for years.