Golden AmericanToad

"Ugly as a Toad" does not apply here!

This golden American Toad was the latest new sighting at the Bog in June 2004. 

Upon being picked up, he? made totally unexpected sounds, not unlike a bird. We learned that American Toads are found in many color variations, but this is by far the prettiest one we've seen at Garden Grapevine.

Top Left is the much more common brown/grey coloration. Bottom Left is a beige coloration. Proving that the saying: "When you've seen one, 
you've seen them all" does not apply to Toads.

But whatever the color, they are great friends of the Gardener, said to eat about 100 insects in 24 hours. Reason enough to provide Toad Houses for them and their sticky tongues that target garden insects.


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