Toad House

A shelter for your Garden Friends

You can shell out $10. or more for a factory model with the look of a stump, overhead door Lichen, and roof sentinel. Or make your own fine hideaway:

Three Bricks and some  soil
will keep your garden-bug eating friends comfortable.
Just pile the soil over the rear of the bricks as shown
and dampen the bricks when you water your plants.
You may substitute stones, pavers, or broken concrete pieces for the bricks.

Place the Houses under plants where they will have shade.
Toads prefer damp conditions. They have other preferences, too;
So try orienting the entrance of several Houses in different directions.

A saucer of water level with the soil may be an added treat.
But a container that allows more than 1/2" of water may be a threat.

A Solar or other small night light placed near the toad House
will be an added attraction by putting night-flying insects on the menu.

The American Toad has a Golden color variation.