Garden Trellis

This Trellis requires minimal maintenance and enhances the Lawn or Garden.

This MiniTrellis was made from plastic Lattice scrap. It is held up by the yellow stake to the left. It adds a contrasting texture and color that enhances the colors of the Rose bush. The Stake can be painted green to make it less visible.

This is a totally maintenance-free Trellis made from
2" PVC pipe and a 4' X 8' Decorative Vinyl Lattice Panel.
You may prefer to make a shorter Trellis, or make two 4' high.

You can also have the bottom of the panel
above ground level by 12 to 24 inches.
The panels are sold in different colors and patterns
at your local building centers.

The legs need not be at the outside of the lattice Panel;
you may prefer to have the Panel extend out past the legs,
in which case the 2" X 48" PVC pipe must be shortened.

Morning Glories, cucumbers and melons also love this trellis.

You will need:

(1) - 4' X 8' Vinyl Lattice Panel
(2) - 2" X 10' PVC pipe
(1) - 2" X 4' PVC pipe
(1) - 2" PVC elbows
(2) - 5/8" X 4' Rebar
(40) - 1/2" stainless steel screws
PVC cement and applicator


a- Glue one elbow onto the 4' PVC pipe and an 8' PVC pipe.
b- Glue the other elbow onto the second 8' PVC pipe ONLY.
c- Dig two holes 24" deep and 4' apart.
d- On a flat surface, screw the Lattice to the larger glued assembly.

e- Dry fit the smaller elbow assembly to the 4' PVC pipe;
you may have to shorten the 4' PVC pipe slightly.
f- Glue the two assemblies together on a FLAT surface.
g- Screw the Lattice to the remaining 8' PVC pipe.

h- Insert a 4' Rebar into each 8' PVC pipe.
this will keep the wind from breaking the PVC pipe off at ground level
and add some stability to the Trellis.

i- Place the finished Trellis into the holes, and plumb it
as you backfill the holes and tamp the soil VERY firmly.
You may prefer to fill the holes with concrete, in which case
support the Trellis in a plumb position until the concrete hardens.

You may prefer a shorter Trellis;
in this case, cut 18 inches or more from the end of a panel
and use it like the one in the first photo above.

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