The 70-foot tall Black Walnut Tree (Juglans nigra) towers majestically
over the 2-story Farm House. It measures 14 feet, 2 inches in circumference,
four feet above the ground. That's about 4-1/2 feet in diameter !

Read about this Giant Tree

We sell only Natural Organic Black Walnut products.


We are proud to produce the very finest
Natural Organic Black Walnut products available.

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Whole Black Walnuts
with the green Hull intact.
The hard Shells inside may not have matured.
Used mostly for Natural Healing Remedy Recipes.

Short season; Email us before ordering.
Ripe Black Walnuts
have fallen from the Tree.
They are beginning to soften and turn black.
for Natural Healing Remedies, Dye, Ink, Wood Stain.
The hard Shells inside are matured.

Very Limited season; Email us before ordering.
Black Walnut Hulls
The hard Shell and edible Nut have been removed;
like a Peach with the Seed removed.
Used for making Wood Stain, Cloth and Hair Dye,
Natural Health Remedies, Ink, and more.

Black Walnut Hull Powder is made from natural organic frozen Hulls, which are dried and ground when we get your order. This assures the freshest product and the least loss of desirable compounds.
Liquid Black Walnut Extract
squeezed from the Hulls (above).
Used for making Wood Stain, Cloth and Hair Dye,
Natural Health Remedies, Ink, and more.
Unshelled Black Walnuts
for cracking and snacking or baking.
The freshest - when you crack them open yourself.
Cracked Black Walnuts
with the Nuts inside, which you remove.
We do the work. You have the fun.
made of Pennsylvania Hardwoods.
A Specialized Tool which positions the Black Walnut
so it cracks on the midline, resulting in larger Nut pieces.
is the ultimate Nut harvesting Tool.
It removes the Shell from the Nut,
like removing the peel from an Orange.
Antique Machines
remove the soft Hulls from your own Black Walnuts.

Black Walnut - Hulling Machine

PLANS to easily convert a Cement Mixer,
and easily go back to mixing cement.

Squirrel Feeder
for feeding Black Walnuts and Ear Corn to Squirrels.
It will help keep them away from your Bird Feeders.
It is designed to tilt and twist by the Squirrel(s).
They cannot remove the whole Black Walnuts.

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