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Black Walnut Cracking Tool

This unique Tool was designed by GardenGrapevine.com
to provide inexpensive Black Walnut cracking
to anyone with a Hammer.

It also works great for English Walnuts, Pecans, and Filberts.

Black Walnuts have very hard shells, making them difficult to crack without
an expensive dedicated Tool. These Tools can sell upwards of $100.00
A Tool made for English Walnuts and Brazil Nuts will never do.
We designed one that anyone with a Hammer can afford.

Black Walnut cracking Tools are made to stand the Black Walnut on its end.
This causes them to fracture on the midline, making the nuts easier to remove,
and resulting in larger Nut pieces.

If you don't have a way to hold them in this position, they fall over on the side, which results in smashed Nuts, which may be trapped in nooks and crannies.
Our Hardwood Walnut Wacker has a Kauffman Steel Anvil, which positions the
Black Walnut for this desirable midline cracking. It will last a lifetime if kept dry.

Positions Nuts for midline cracking.
Genuine Kauffman Steel Anvil.
Pennsylvania Hardwood body.

No Batteries or Electricity.
Hand-rubbed Oil Finish.
Left and Right-handed.
Tough Denim Cover.

Restricts flying Nuts.
Side Grip Channels.
No bruised Fingers.


Made in the USA

Have a Grape Day

WALNUT WACKER, Walnut cracking Tool
Native Cherry/Oak/Maple hardwood Body
$24.85 + $4.85 Shipping & Handling

WALNUT WACKER, Walnut cracking Tool
with genuine Black Walnut hardwood Body
$29.85 + $4.85 Shipping & Handling

SAVE shipping on hardwood Walnut Wacker,
when you order it with Black Walnuts.

Ten Pounds of Unshelled Black Walnuts, and
WALNUT WACKER, Walnut cracking Tool
54.70 + $9.85 Shipping & Handling

Our Nut Nipper is designed to quickly harvest more and larger Nut pieces.
Detailed Instructions reveal tips and tricks of using it.

It is included in our Walnut Wacker Kit,
and will pay for itself in short order.

includes a Nut Nipper
designed to harvest larger Nut pieces quickly.

36.85 + $4.85 Shipping & Handling

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