Wasp Trap
This is an easy to make trap for Flying insects
( not Mosquitoes )
Here a green  top has been used for visibility. For a tight fit, the top and bottom should both come from the same plastic bottle.
The materials list for this DIY Trap is short and cheap:

 1 - Plastic Soda Bottle; 2 or 3 Liter
 1- Hanger; wire or string
 1- Attractor, Cotton Ball(s) or 1" X 1" piece(s) of Sponge
        (several Attractors will evaporate more attractant)
 A few drops of your favorite Fruit-flavored Soda

The tools you need are a Scissors and a Nail or Punch.
That's it !!

Cut the top from a Soda Bottle, one inch below the shoulder. This will leave a 1" straight section on the top. It is easier to puncture the Bottle with a Scissors if the screw cap is tight so the air cannot escape. Discard the cap after the top is cut off.

With the Nail, punch 2 holes in the very bottom of the Bottle to insert the Hanger. Also punch 5 or 6   1/8" holes around the top as shown above. This will allow the Fruit aroma to escape and attract Insects. ( A HOT Nail works Very well for this. )

Fasten the Hanger in the 2 bottom holes. Then saturate the Attractor with Fruit-flavored Soda or Fruit Juice and place it inside the bottom section.

As shown above; force the cut-off top inside the bottom and hang it in the sunshine where the attractant will evaporate and attract Wasps, Yellow Jackets and other flying Insects. 

The Insects will be attracted to the Trap and climb up through the top where the Cap was. Resaturate the Attractor every two days, by turning the Trap upside-down and dripping attractant onto the Cotton or Sponge.

If it gets full of dead Insects, you can pull it apart and wash it out, or have the fun of making another one. It is weatherproof, unbreakable, and easily replaced if the neighborhood kids "borrow" it for Show and Tell.

Hang this Trap about 20 feet away, so the wind blows from it toward your Patio or Picnic Table. If you don't drink Soda, buy a bottle of Grape Soda and keep it for the Trap it came in.

If you use several Cotton or Sponge Attractors saturated with different Juices, it should attract different Insects. Apple, Pear, Grape, Cherry and Fruit Punch are some favorite fragrances.

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