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Wheelbarrow Forklift

If you've ever lifted a 5-gallon Bucket of water,
a Shrub, or Tree (with rootball) into a Wheelbarrow,
then you will appreciate this clever Wheelbarrow Accessory.

Move heavy items effortlessly.

First, you don't load and unload up over the rim of the Wheelbarrow,
and Second, the load does not push down on your hands. It lifts the Handles UP because the weight is in front of the Wheel.

The leverage factor is about 3.25. So a 40 pound bag of fertilizer would "lighten your load" by about 12 pounds. That means that adding the bag of Fertilizer, would seem to have removed 12 pounds from the Wheelbarrow.

OR you may want to keep a Concrete Block there permanently,
to make your Wheelbarrow handles much easier to lift.

Complete Instructions.

Available only from GardenGrapevine.com 

$39.85 + $8.85 S & H

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