Click HERE ; to hear the Whip-Poor-Will's evening call

I only remember the evening call of the Whip-poor-wills when I  built my Central Pennsylvania home in 1960. Since that time they have gradually abandoned my area, and I would appreciate any information on how to get them back. My Sons don't remember the call, and I would like my Grandchildren to experience it. Please send me any website that:

(1) - has any information on whip-poor-wills, or
(2) - where they nest, or
(3) - what they eat, or
(4) - what habitat they prefer, or
(5) - what habitat their food prefers, or
(6) - where I  could buy pairs to release here, or
(7) - any other information you think might be helpful.
For which, I thank you very much,

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