Winterizing tender Shrubs
If you have Shrubs which are marginally hardy in your geographic Zone,
they may benefit from a Winter cover of insulating Leaves or Straw.

These new Shrubs are covered with insulating Leaves which should minimize the effects of the cold Winter winds, especially if they are only marginally hardy
at your geographic location.

The planting Zone of your property will also determine your success with marginally hardy Shrubs and Plants. The windy top of a rise may not be the best location.

Leaves can be gathered with a rake, but they seem to be more stable in winter winds if they come from the Bag of a mulching Lawn Mower. Straw bales are available from Farms and Farm Stores and are often clearanced at decorative store displays after the Thanksgiving holidays. Ask store Managers.

Chicken Wire is a good inexpensive temporary retainer for the Leaves or Straw, but any wire Fencing can be used. In the Spring, they can be spread around the base of the plants as Mulch which will decompose and nourish the plants.

Decomposed Oak Leaves will make your soil more acidic which some plants prefer. 
Most other Leaves will maintain neutral soil pH, which is preferred by most plants. 
Straw is also pH neutral.

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