Yellow Warbler
I met this Mama bird in my Blueberry patch. She had a large caterpillar or grub in her mouth, which told me she had babies nearby. Her cautious utterances were much less than I would have imagined, as she whisked about the branches. I suspected she had a nest among the Blueberries. 

But my search revealed only one fledgeling, I reasoned that it was blown from its nearby nest by the storm of the previous evening. It appeared to be A-1 and paid very little attention to me, but went about the business of preening its feathers, yawning as if bored by the whole world, and fertilizing my Blueberries. Lady Luck smiled on my camera as I clicked the images that day, for it had relocated by the following morning.

And I wonder to myself;
if that moment in time might have been Created . . .  just especially for me.

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